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John Bryant inquires on April 10, 1999 about the Adolf Eichmann Papers and a Hitler order to exterminate the Jews

I RECENTLY watched a videotape of a speech you gave entitled "The Nuremberg Trials". On that tape you told how you were given a package containing the papers of Adolf Eichmann, and that you discovered in this package a description of an encounter between Eichmann and a high nazi official in which Eichmann said he was told of a Hitler order to exterminate the Jews.

While you noted in your speech the importance of this revelation, and stated that you were going to turn this over in your mind or some such, you did not give the audience listening to your speech any further details, and (curiously) no one in the audience asked you about it.

Does this mean you now believe that Hitler did actually order an extermination of the Jews? How do you think this affects revisionism? What have the reaction of revisionists been to your revelation?

Thank you for your time.

John Bryant

 David Irving replies:

 I RECEIVE many inquiries like this and for possibly obvious reasons I do not intend to reply to them until my lawsuits against Deborah Lipstadt and Gitta Sereny are concluded.

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