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Manuel Carbajal writes from Argentina, Thursday, November 23, 2000



I AM a 26 year old lawyer from Argentina, and I've been an admirer of your books for ten years now, since I read a second Trail of the Foxhand copy of "The Trail of the Fox". I was fascinated with both the story of the General Feldmarschall and also by your style. From that moment on I began an indefatigable search for your other titles, that eventually led me to Hitler's War, The War Path and The Rise and Fall of the Luftwaffe.

Those three books changed my view, not only of the Second World War, but also of the entire history of the 20th century as well as the opinion I had about the "established" historians. Last week I was about to buy the Ian Kershaw's biography of Adolf Hitler, and, since it was not a cheap book ($45.00) I started to read some randomly selected parts of it, and I realized that it offered nothing new or interesting, or even different that the other thousands of books about the subject, just the useless opinions of the author.

Hitlers WarI also noticed some "borrowing" from Hitler's War. Since the time I discovered your books until the moment I first entered Focal Points Publications Internet site, I was just an admirer of your writings, but from then on I became an admirer of you as a man, fighting alone against the enemies of free speech and their inmense power.

Even though at the moment of the trial I had not been able to discover your site, I knew that you were fighting gallantly against your powerful enemies, from a single and brief newspaper note that appeared in an Argentinean newspaper, but I didn't know the details and how you were dealing with the proceedings.

front page of AR#17Great was my surprise when I read all the Action Report 17 and the Radical's Diary (right), and learned the terrible accusation against you and of course the justice of your fight. The more I read about the accusations of you being a neo-nazi, anti-Semitic, "Holocaust denier" (whatever that means), and the awful, despicable acts of cowardice against you and your beautiful family, the more outraged I felt.

Nothing infuriates men more than injustice. I'm quite sure that you will have more luck in your appeal, and that justice will be served. I'm sure that I will be able to help for your next round. If everybody could read your books all the accusations would fall immediately, personally I've never found a single phrase in any of your books that had an anti-Semitic or fascist sense.

At this time I'm reading (devouring!!) the download version of Goebbels and I think It's brilliant. The same about Dresden and Nuremberg. The idea of sharing your books, the fruit of many years of efforts and sacrifices, with all the world shows what a great man you are, since I believe that no other author in the world have copied your uninterested gesture.

In my personal case I would have never had the pleasure of reading Goebbels or Dresden if not for the download versions, because in Argentina it's very difficult to get other foreign books than bestsellers and books of arts and technology.

As you know only four of your books have been published in my country ("El rastro del Zorro", "La Guerra de Hitler", "El camino de la Guerra" y "El ascenso y Caída de la Luftwaffe" all of them by Sudamericana Planeta). I would like to know if more of your books will be offered as pdf. files in the future, I sincerely hope so.

As for the FPP site, is one of the best sites I have ever seen and is so interesting that I visit it almost every day. Some days ago I was reading some of the entries and I learned, with great disappointment, that you have already visited my country, and sadly I didn't know at that moment. I wonder if you will pay us another visit in the future. I wrote this letter in order to send my respects and introduce myself as one of your many friends all around the world and I'll be writing again soon.

Mis mas sinceros respetos

Manuel Carbajal


I SHALL eventually post free downloads of all of my works as .pdf versions, in as many languages as possible. If friends wish to scan the books on my behalf and send me them as text files, I will do the rest. It is my way of saying thank-you to the international reading community.

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