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Dr Enrico Cernuschi of Milano writes Wednesday, March 20, 2002



Marconi's vetoes

THE Guardian article mentions Admiral Giancarlo Vallauri as an eminent Jewish scientist who was not allowed to join the members of the Accademia d'Italia. That's nonsense. Admiral Vallauri, born in Rome on October 19, 1882, died in Turin on May 7, 1957 and author, among a lot of others inventions, of the triode equation in 1917, was one of the world most important wireless engineers during the first half of the XX Century but not a Jew.

He was still in active service, mainly working on magnetism experiments with ships from degaussing and something not much different from the American "Philadelphia experiment" of WW2 with the RIEC (Regio Istituto delle Elettrocomunicazioni, the Regia Marina radio experimental center which was founded by the same Vallauri on 1916 at Leghorn) until the armistice of September 8, 1943 and he was President, from 1934 until after November 1938, of the EIAR (the RAI Radio and television national service), which was the equivalent of British BBC until 1941 when he devoted all his resources to the naval effort.

It's true that he strongly protested in any public contest (in the Senate too, were he was a member granted for life) about the infamous Italian racial laws of 1938 but the palla nera (black ball) of Marconi which was dropped has to be researched with regard to the scientists' rivalries and different theories (Vallauri was the father of the Italian Television after the war and he didn't approve of some of Marconi's ideas on this subject).

Dr Enrico Cernuschi

P.S. "E" may stay not for Ebreo (Jew) but simply "Escluderei" or "Escludo" or, again, "Espurgare", which mean "exclude" or "remove".


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