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Readers comment on David Irving's diary coverage of his libel action gainst Deborah Lipstadt, September 1998:

Larry Conley writes, September 17:

GOOD LORD, I'm hooked. Just finished today's trial entry and was thoroughly entertained. I shall follow your trial entries very closely. Now press on, Irving, and clear your good name. Looks like you've got the bastards on the run!

Ernest Hume, of Arkansas writes, September 18:

Good luck with your suit. Your opponents are a shifty, without honor breed. Don't for a moment lower your guard!

Paul Christus, of the USA, September 30, 1998:

Best wishes in your fight in the courts. Freedom of thought ,speech and truth is a long drawn out process that only the strongest of men can endure. I am an American, but freedom of speech and thought must be universal for the truth to endure. Best of luck from across the pond.

Orest Slepokura writes from Ontario, Canada, September 30:

A book about Canadian TV journalism published back in 1990 - The Newsmakers - by Key Porter Books, and edited by the daughter of the late Barbara Frum, Linda Frum, contains one very telltale vignette about an interview the CBC Television broadcaster, a Linden MacIntyre did of Eckville mayor (and revisionist), James Keegstra, in about 1984 (George Orwell's fateful year). See pp. 209-212. Of the videotaped interview he made with Keegstra, MacIntrye wrote [p. 212]:

"Once we put it [the videotaped interview] together again, everyone thought it was fabulous but would have to be "lawyered." I was against having it lawyered. It didn't matter if it was libellous or slanderous - it was supposed to be [italics in LM's text] libellous and slanderous. Every now and then you deal with someone for whom the rules do not apply. With Keegstra, you play according to his inverted system and you whip him at it."

Notice, Mr. Irving, how very bombastically Linden MacIntyre virtually prided himself on abdicating his reporter's responsibility to provide some degree of "balance" and "objectivity" to the story.

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