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“Samuel Crowell” writes from the United States, May 17, 1998:

NOTED THE upload of the Pravda article on Auschwitz: beautifully presented! I am very pleased.

I have also noted with pleasure the numerous articles concerning your ongoing suit with Debbie Lipstadt as well as the "Focal Press" matter. I imagine you must be having the time of your life being able to hit back at those who have smeared you in a public forum that they cannot blacklist or intimidate. The most recent addition about the individual with the criminal record was priceless.

Incidentally, while reading a copy of the Stroop Report today, I found that the bunkers used by the Warsaw Jews in the revolt of May, 1943, had originally been built after receiving orders from the Germans to build air raid shelters in the ghetto during the Fall of 1942. This not only fits the timeline for the delivery of the air raid shelter doors to Majdanek, but it further corroborates the prevalence of air raid protection (and thus gas attack protection) throughout Eastern Europe.

Currently we are analyzing the various Höss affidavits: the one of April 5,1946, (best known) as well as the much less well known affidavit of March 14,1946, which clearly shows the influence of the Soviet Special Commission (USSR-08) as well as the WRB report. In this context, we look forward to a posting of your own excerpts of the Höss interrogations in April, May, 1946.

Samuel Crowell

David Irving notes:

I have now posted the excerpts which I made from the verbatim interrogations of Rudolf Höss, commandant of Auschwitz. The British interrogation reports on him are still missing, to my knowledge. I am negotiating with the daughter of his successor, Liebehenschel, to publish her own biography of her father.

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