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Samuel Crowell is the pseudonym of an American researcher who is specialising on the design and construction of wartime gas-tight air-raid shelters, as installed in German public buildings and prison installations. He has collected much documentation, and written several essays on the subject.
Samuel Crowell writes from the United States, Saturday, March 21, 1998

Dear Mr. Irving:
YOUR SITE already has some very important materials, among them the notes of your transcriptions of ULTRA decrypts, which I am bound to reference. Once again, the absence of any references to gassing simply reinforces the idea that if there was a gassing campaign it would have required a mind-boggling conspiracy to carry out -- and it is precisely that which is the weak point in the conventional view.
Your response to the letter concerning the Himmler diaries was quite shocking. I can only hope that the diaries were not destroyed. It should be considered fairly obvious that they contained nothing to support the traditional view, either.
I had occasion to come across Ann Tusa's review of your Nuremberg book. I must say the immediate substitution of hysterical emotion in place of reasoned appraisal is not something that readily comes to mind when I think of English writers.
I will take the liberty of placing you on my short list of individuals to be notified if new materials come my way. In the meantime, rest assured that your site is visited frequently.
Best Regards, Samuel Crowell

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David Irving replies:

For my letter to Ann Tusa's husband commenting on her bitchy review, see the Readers' Letters directory on this Website.

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