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Albert Doyle writes from the United States, Friday, March 20, 1998

YOUR WEBSITE is a delight. I just read the piece on the attempt to link you to the Oklahoma City bombing. You will be interested to know that the enemies of freedom are off your case. Their latest source for the detonators is the Irish Republican Army.
I'm sure that the last thing you need is another "what you should do . . ." suggestion from someone you don't even know (although we were recently in contact about my attempts to get the U.S. Defense Department to supply information about an atrocity committed by American troops at the end of WW II, on which subject you kindly assisted me. The answer is still pending by the way, but Congressman Porter Goss is assisting).
What prompts my suggestion is the recent Vatican paper about the Catholic Church and "the Holocaust". I am sympathetic to the Church, not least because I am a Roman Catholic, but I found the paper very inadequate. It was more like a press relaese and contained repeated references to the Nazi "extermination" policies, which are to say the least, problematical. Neverthess, the paper brought forth a torrent of criticism from Jews and others (The New York Timeshad a particularly nasty editorial, among other things criticizing Pope Pius XII for not urging his flock to "defy Nazi orders" and apparently faulting the Church for not assuming responsibility for Nazi anti-semitic policies).

The idea of which all of this reminds me is this: the two international organizations which had some intelligence on the ground about what was going on behind the German lines during the war were the Red Cross and the Catholic Church. I know that some of the Red Cross documents are still embargoed and this is probably true of the Vatican also. But I imagine that they will be released at some time, hopefully soon. They could be a mine of information about what was actually going on and who better than yourself to examine them. Your practice of using original sources is one that I greatly admire (if I ever get to meet you I'll tell you about my problem with the "academic historians" of early American history, particularly as it relates to the Irish . . . but not now).
What do you say?

Albert Doyle

David Irving replies:

ROLF HOCHHUTH, who wrote the play Der Stellvertreter which triggered the whole debate about the role of the Vatican in the Final Solution, was a close friend of mine (from January 1965 until my expulsion from Germany in 1990) and I must admit that I was not impressed by his depth of research. He was a playwright, but occasionally he hit on a grain of truth in his plays and novels. They were highly important. You will not be surprised to hear that having brought the entire International Global Zionist Jewish Conspiracy down around my ears by my objective biography of Adolf Hitler, I am not keen to attract the opprobium of the entire Roman Catholic Church, Holy See, and Vatican too. Ohne mich, the Germans would say! Count me out!

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