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H A Fowler of California, USA, writes Saturday, February 24, 2001



What is Edwin Black atoning for?


BlackIN writing his mysteriously timed book implicating IBM in a willful role in the so-called holocaust, could Edwin Black be atoning for his sins, so to speak, against the Zionists as they culminated from revelations in his book The Transfer Agreement?

The latter book reveals alleged Zionist participation in the Nazi agenda and is no doubt full of skeletons that today's so-called Jews would rather avoid being exposed, especially in light of their growingly lucrative holocaust industry, in which they by necessity must be cast as the exclusive and eternal victims throughout all history.

In other words, was Edwin Black put up to his recent writing by some world body much in the same way that Deb Lipstadt was put up to her fallacious and defamatory writing against you and others who dare cast the civilized light of reason upon the atavistic proclamations of the modern Talmudists?

Your bringing Lipstadt to court and showing those who bothered to read the transcripts the strange worms beneath the rocks of the religion of the holocaust is a great service to the higher being in those not spiritually truncated by the trembling worship of shameless evil. Few could tread where you have but many are with you.

H A Fowler

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