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Bergen-Belsen camp
Anne Frank

Portraits of Belsen inmates

Photographs of inmates of Bergen Belsen concentration camp


From: George Frankl, January 16, 1999

I am a survivor of Bergen-Belsen and Oranienburg concentration camps.

I was 10 years old at the time of my incarceration. My crime consisted of being a Jewish child. My late father was murdered by the SS guards in Belsen. After the allied liberation of Belsen on April 15th, 1945 I was hospitalized for 24 months.

I am sincerely sorry that a man of your intellect and abilities has had no better goal than to be an apologist for the architects of genocide. I am sure that in the privacy of your conscience,you must feel some compassion and pity for the suffering and death of the innocent victims of Hitler's regime,whose sole crime consisted of being born to Jewish parents.

You must know that your academic endeavours are powered by much more than a sincere search for historical facts. My best personal regards and may the Good Lord forgive you,

George Frankl

[spelling corrected]

 David Irving notes:

 Dear George -- I feel compassion for all innocent victims of war, the crime I call Innocenticide. I do not reserve my compassion only for the Jewish victims, which is a fault committed by many (though not all) Jews, and which in the long run just generates more anti-Semitism.

If the Nazis locked you up as a ten year old Jewish child, that was clearly wrong. But the Americans (the CIC) did precisely the same to the children of the Nazis in 1945: Edda Göring, then aged seven, was locked in prison with her mother. Do you approve of that? I am sure you don't. This was done purely as a means of applying psychological pressure to the prisoners, to sign on the dotted line at Nuremberg.

Your father was murdered, you state, by the SS guards at Belsen. You do not say how and why (if there was any reason). Please expand, since it is hard to respond otherwise.You also do not explain why you were hospitalized for 24 months. My guess would be under-nourishment or typhus, or both. For which we Allies bear an equal measure of the blame with the Nazis, since we bombed the transportation, the pharmaceutical factories, and the food supplies with precisely the intention of producing such conditions.

In fact we even encouraged the underground resistance movements to spread typhus bacilli among their enemies. But microbes are poor respecters of uniforms and frontiers.I look forward to hearing from you; I imagine, by the way -- and you will forgive me for this, I hope, if I am totally wrong,-- that you have received, and are probably still receiving today, over fifty years later, large sums of money from the German taxpayers in compensation for the wrongs done to you? Which leaves you rather better off than the other innocents who suffered equally elsewhere.

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