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Gilbert Gendron writes from Montreal, July 1, 1998:

Dear Mr. Irving:

You may remember me because we have met briefly in Montreal (1986) and Los Angeles (1992). I am writing an article on Léon Degrelle for Ecrits de Paris and have mentioned Degrelle's book, "Hitler pour 1000 ans", in it. The title is a reference to words of despair uttered by Spaak in July, 1940.

It is often claimed that Hitler wanted the Third Reich to last one thousand years. I have tried to find a quotation to that effect in my library -- which includes many of your books -- but have failed.

Did Hitler or any other NSDAP leader ever declare that the NS regime would last 1000 years? Or is this merely a taunt used by those who like to denigrate the Third Reich? If you have some evidence on this subject, I would appreciate references.

Thank you in advance.



 David Irving notes:

  A very good point. I have never seen it. The best source would be Max Domarus, Adolf Hitler, Reden und Proklamationen. This two-volume work is now published in four volumes in English by

Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, Inc.
1000 Brown Street, Unit 101
IL 60084 USA

and they may have an electonic database which they could search, which would enable you to be sure. Their phone is 847 526 4344, fax number 526 2867.

Reader Peter Wibber suggests two clues:

"It is clear that the German fate will be decided for the next one hundred years".
Adolf Hitler, December 24, 1940 to his SS personal bodyguard

Changing his perspective from one hundred to one thousand, Hitler says one month later:

"National Socialism will decide the next one thousand years of German history." Adolf Hitler, January, 1941. Sources: Bundesarchiv, recorded discs.
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