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A Scandinavian Friend writes from Norway, Friday, October 2, 1998:

Accused at NurembergI HAVE just been reading a book called "Tödliche Zufälle." [Fatal Coincidences].

In this book the author, Rod Taylor, a pseudonym, says that Rudolf Hess was murdered, strangled on August 17, 1987. You have of course heard all this.

Do you think there are any substance in this? The book claims that MI5 was behind the killing of Hess. I have problems with understanding why he should have committed suicide in 1987. How could he? He had soldiers around him all day long. If he wanted to take hes own life, why did he not do earlier?

A Scandinavian Friend

Picture from David Irving: Nuremberg, the Last Battle (Focal Point, London, 1997): Göring, Hess, Ribbentrop, Keitel in the dock at Nuremberg

 David Irving notes:

 Hitler's erstwhile deputy Rudolf Hess was murdered, according to the Munich pathologist Professor Spann who examined the body. The scar on the neck was horizontal (strangled) not diagonal (hanged). I have read his autopsy report.
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