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A Scandinavian Friend writes on August 8, 1998 this scathing commentary on the kaleidoscope of killing methods allegedly used during the Holocaust -- and how the established historians have gradually abandoned each allegation in turn:


Re: Belzec Item in your last Action Report:

I AM VERY relieved that the Jewish community have agreed to only one solution for above camp: gassing with CO2. They have now dismissed the seven other ways by which the Jews earlier claimed the Jews were killed in this camp:

  1. See Polish Fortnight Review of December 1942: By means of electricity in one of the barracks.
  2. Allied Information Commission report of 19. December 1942: Shooting and then electrification.
  3. Abraham Silberschein's book Die Judenausrottung in Polen, 1944: "The Jews were led into a showerbath and electrocuted by an electrified floor."
  4. Dr. phil. Stean Szende offered a better explanation of the death of the Jews in this camp: "The Jews were driven into gigantic halls whose floor sank into a pool of water. Then high voltage current was applied to the water and after a few seconds all the Jews were dead. The floor then transformed into a crematorium, and the corpses of the murder victims--there were several million--were incinerated."
  5. Abraham Silberschein, Die Ausrottung in Polen: The Jews were killed by heat in electric furnaces
  6. Jan Karski, Story of a secret state: The Jews were killed with quicklime -
  7. The Belzec-Prozess in a German court, 1965: The Jews were murdered with Zyklon B which was pumped into the showerbaths through the piping.
  8. According to Kurt Gerstein: The Jews were poisoned by diesel-exhaust fumes.

But we all know that Mr. Gerstein was a liar . . .

A Scandinavian Friend

The above letter has been translated and edited for brevity.

 David Irving notes:

 Comments on the above are welcomed, from both sides of the debate.

Another reader, D.D., writes:

IF I WERE a mass murderer, I would have given them poisoned drink or food, and then let them carry along in the box cars. That way there would have been no danger with gas seepage and no danger handling the bodies. Any left alive (i.e. who did not drink the poisoned water or whatever) could be shot.

Mass gassings with hydrogen cyanide don't make sense, the bodies are dangerous to handle, and special rooms and precautions are required.

What are the population stats, I mean how many people lived in Europe that cannot be accounted for by normal war death means ? I think that would answer the question better than anything.

I am begining to become convinced that something is wrong with the story, but the reaction of people around me is so extreme (they automatically think you are a Hitler-worshipper or something equally daft) that I almost wish I had not started studying it. -- D.D.

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