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Sarah Heaven writes on October 24, 2001


Anne Frank

I AM a student doing research on the denial of the authenticity of Anne Frank's Diary. I was wondering what your precpective is and if you could point me in any direction for good research for both sides of the argument.

Sarah Heaven

David IrvingDavid Irving replies

Good of you to get through to me. The wonders of the Web! Have a look at my index on poor Anne Frank, and then get back to me if you need more.

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THANK you for your help with my research I have finally figured out my thesis for my paper. I am going to look into why people still question Anne Frank's Diary after the critical edition was published. Are there any good websites that will help me with this question that you are aware of? Thank you again for your help! -- Sarah

David IrvingDavid Irving responds (Wednesday, October 31, 2001):

THAT sounds like a first class topic. To answer your question, the first step might be to have a rummage around on the website of who have papers by Prof. Robert Faurisson and others on the diaries. Try and find the website of the Dutch "Rijksinstituut voor Oorlogsdocumentatie" who carried out the scientific research into the diaries. There are two Anne Frank foundations, as you will by now have realised, one in Amsterdam and one in Berne, both major money-making operations and at each other's throats. Being father of five daughters myself, I feel endlessly sorry for Anne in the whole business, from start to finish and through to "now". I wonder what she makes of all these people. Sarah, do her Justice!

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