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Professor Klaus J Herrmann ( 1929 - 1998)

DURING RECENT years a number of wise academics corresponded on a collegial basis with David Irving, some of them on the understanding that their letters would not be made public during their lifetime. One such valued friend was Klaus Herrmann, whose parents perished in the Holocaust, and who was a frequent and welcome visitor at Mr Irving's office in London.

Professor Herrmann taught political science at the University of Montreal until his death early in 1998, and corresponded for many years about his own field of inquiry, the allegedly "Jewish" parentage of the Nazi Field Marshal Erhard Milch (whose biography David Irving published in the 1960s). We shall publish a number of Herrmann's letters now, as their integrity of purpose is beyond dispute.

Obituary of Prof. Herrmann


Professor Klaus J. Herrmann
Department of Political Science

Montreal, August 20th, l996

Mr. David Irving
81, Duke Street

Dear David,

Thank you much for your good letter of the 12th August and inasmuch as you are going to forward a copy of the Goebbels book to me I enclose a copy of the 1961 - long since out of print - "Bewährung im Untergang", from which you are going to learn that INDEED these German Jews were very much murdered in Auschwitz and elsewhere and by way of the gas chambers as well.

The problem with the Simon Wiesenthal centres is basically that there are financiers about & around who are willing to support an institution which intrinsically in "competition" with the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith for these very same funds. In Canada a Mr. Littman, who up to 30 years ago worked for the ADL here, is the person who is in charge of operations. His principal financial supporters are the Belz brothers of Calgary & Vancouver, billionaires who obviously aspire to public honours.

That those murderers who entered Canada some 45 years ago - members of Ainzargis and Peronkrustis of Latvia & of similar "distinguished" associations of murderers and plunderers - be sought out and dealt with is in my view important. The same goes for the Pfeilkreuzler assassins of Hungary.

None of this entitles anyone to libel & defame you, although it has got to be said that you have not exactly been forthcoming as to a clear and unambiguous declarations that there WERE millions of Jews (persons of Jewish descent) murdered in various ways inclusive of being gassed to death in the myriads. Sapient sat.

How any of this litigation for clearing your scholarly name is going to provide you with an avenue of being again entitled to visit German archives is another matter.

Best regards,

Klaus J. Herrmann

1455, de Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Montreal, Quebec H3G 1M8

 David Irving notes:

 I shall include more of Herrmann's letters as I find them

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