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Ronald Raichle writes from Australia Wednesday, May 24, 2000



How the History Channel manipulates, uh, history

History Channel websiteTODAY on the History Channel under History's Mysteries, the Hitler Diaries, I saw the episode again. They had run this pseudo documentary during the Lipstadt Trial.

The interesting episode of the documentary was the Press Conference (see photo right). The narrator says that the press conference proceeded normally until "one, important, uninvited guest upset the conference."

PRESS CONFERENCEOf course, I sat breathlessly waiting for "you know who" to do "you know what" as my TV screen showed the conference erupting into mayhem. But, they switched to a commercial. And, when they returned, Nada.

They did show several shots of you in the audience, but nary a word about "torpedoes running".

Obviously, with the Lipstadt trial and the amount of money spent producing the documentary and its obvious propaganda value, they didn't want to trash it. So, they merely edited you out, hoping that during the commercial, the audience would forget the previous words about "one, important, uninvited guest" and the show could continue seamlessly.

I really enjoyed the German puppets as they, with German hate laws breathing down their necks, proceeded to thump party line. The female (I forgot her title) was a paragon of political correctness and indignation.

Oh, well, he, who wins the war, writes the history channel.

Timothy Vaughn also spotted the subtle change to the History Channel item on the same date:

Dear Mr Irving:

I just finished watching the last half of a History Channel special on the Hitler Diaries hoax. I missed the first half, but when they got to the exposure part they just showed a quick picture of you in the crowd. They made Trevor-Roper into some sort of noble half-martyr. Also, they mentioned that the forger is now a millonaire.

Maybe you should take a few years off you search for truth and lie and cheat and kiss butt like your enemies. I'll miss your writings though.

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