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To: Mr Ronald Jacobs,
146 Main Street, Manchester, CT 06040 USA


DAVID IRVING writes two Letters to Ronald Jacobs, a longtime correspondent and friend, who admits to being a member of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

October 12, 1997

IrvingTHANKS FOR your letter of October 3. I have no quarrels with your two definitions; it is of course the description by some people of the concentration camps as "factories of death" that I quarrel with. I describe them as slave labour camps with appallingly high mortality rates.

I have been busy in the Public Record Office here completing revisions of my Churchill's War, vol. ii, and met there an old friend, John Fox, lecturer in Holocaust studies at Jews College here. (But not a Jew). He and I have spent some weeks going over the British decodes of the SS police messages on the eastern front; disturbing stuff, but Fox and I agree that what is significant is not so much what the messages contain as what they don't -- no references to gassing, etc.

Yours sincerely,

David Irving

November 12, 1997

IrvingMANY THANKS for your interesting letter. I spent much of yesterday going through the documents provided by the defence in one of the two major libel actions I am fighting here, and - surprise, surprise! - there was amongst them the proof that your friends the ADL (DC branch) started the whole witchhunt against me in April 1977, if not earlier.

Tomorrow I am flying back to Key West, Florida, where I shall issue a new edition of the newsletters.

You asked about the Eichmann papers; what I obtained in Argentina in November 1991 was an original set of carbon copies of about 600 pages [actually 426 pages] of the notes dictated by Eichmann to Wim Sassen in about 1955/56, and some transcripts of his hand-written notes. All very interesting, and one day I may get around to publishing them with an introduction.

As for those SS messages; remember, they were enciphered in a code that the SS leadership considered impregnable, so they had no reason to duck the issue of gas chambers and whatever. There are literally thousands of these messages intercepted by us in our archives now. Richard Breitman only saw a couple of dozen, at most.

Yours sincerely,

David Irving

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