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Ron Jacobson writes on Thursday, October 18, 2001


"Primary Target"

I HAVE read with interest your allegation that Flight 93 was shot down [over Pennsylvania, USA on Sept.11, 2001] by the USAF. You suggest that the use of the expression "primary target" indicates that a fighter plane was approaching the doomed flight with the intent of firing on it.

Let me assure you that, when radar is concerned, the term "primary target" is very common in reference to civilian flights, and does not necessarily indicate any military activity.

You can run an internet search for "radar", "NTSB" (National Transportation Safety Board), and "primary target" combined, for examples of this term being used for civilian flights.

It is a pity that your notorious sloppiness and dishonesty extend beyond the realms of history. You could do a little checking before (again) parading your ignorance in public.


Ron Jacobson

David Irving answers:

We welcome other readers views on this matter, both from US airforce officers and from air traffic control experts.

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