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Gary Jucha of Peterborough, England writes on Saturday, December 9, 2000



Rumours about how Gen. Sikorski met his end

I NOTICED whilst reading a back issue of After the Battle, that you were interested in the General Sikorski saga. AccidentObviously in this article there were no conclusions toward the actual "reasoning" surrounding his suspicious death.

If there were any conclusions which were unearthed, but were "unpublishable at the time" about General Sikorski, is there any future publication which will cover the "true story"?

I have been in touch with a researcher, who managed to interview the Funeral Directors at Newark, and there was evidence of a bullet hole through Sikorski's Skull, entering in the upper nasal area, close to the eye socket, and exiting through the rear.

My interest in this: my late father was Polish, and served with the 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade. I believe that most of them felt that they owed their lives to Sikorski, after he managed to "come to terms" with Stalin to release them from the Russian labour camps etc.

Gary Jucha

DAVID IRVING replies:Sikorski's crashed plane

I DON'T think so. Sikorski was put in a coffin at Gibraltar, the sealed casket brought back to the UK and buried with much circumstance. So the funeral director at Newark appears to be a myth? Who was the researcher you mention? For my latest take on the case, see the final chapter of Churchill's War, vol. ii, which you can review free on my website at


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