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Katie [e-mail address withheld by Website] writes from Vermont, USA, January 27, 1999

HitlerI AM writing a report on Adolf Hitler. I have to research on his beliefs about the Jewish religion & where he got these beliefs. Also some information about the racism. Please help me find this information. Thanks.

Katie, 10th grader

 David Irving has replied:

 THAT SOUNDS like a very tricky report you've got to write. The very best source to look into will be a book called Hitler's Table Talk, edited by H R Trevor Roper, published in the UK by Weidenfeld about forty years ago (and in the USA). This is a thick book of notes taken by one of Hitler's staff during his mealtime conversations, and it is far more reliable about his opinions than, for example Mein Kampf, which was written by several hands. Try a good city library, or a university library. Failing that, try to borrow my book The War Path (published by The Viking Press, NY, 1978) which summarises much of his views on religion in one chapter, from primarily that source. If you cannot get The War Path, get the Avon Books edition of Hitler's War & The War Path, which is an abridged version. If no luck, then come back to me and we'll try again. Meanwhile, I hope you get lots of cards tomorrow [ST VALENTINE'S DAY], and all the best from David Irving (currently writing in Key West, Florida)

Postscript: Hitler's Table Talk was nowhere to be found; but in her local library she found David Irving's The War Path. Before leaving on Monday February 22 on a skiing trip, Katie handed in her report; and her teacher gave her an excellent note, saying he had known that Katie would not disappoint.

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