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Adem Kendir writes from Montreal, Canada, Tuesday, March 28, 2000



I JUST wanted to wish you the best of luck in what's probably been an anxiety-filled period, especially now waiting for the verdict.

In January I gave your website address to Professor [Peter] Hoffmann. He started giving it out to other people, including our class. As far as I know, he read all the trial transcripts and he said he found it all "fascinating." He always said that your site was the most complete and informative of any out there because of all the material there.

He was especially interested in the "holes" in the gas chamber. I did a paper on Hitler's world view [Weltanschauung] for his class and scored 90. He doesn't give higher than that. It ended up being, with the endnotes, 41 pages single spaced.

Adem Kendir

 David Irving writes:

 Professor Peter Hoffmann of McGill University, Montreal, is one of the world's greatest experts on Nazi Germany, Hitler, and the Third Reich. beneath the slabHe has published the standard workon the July 20, 1944 anti-Hitler bomb plot, and a biography of the chief assassin Count Stauffenberg which is unlikely to be bettered. A courageous and independent thinker, Hoffmann once invited me to meet and talk to his students. It was a lively discussion.

That he is interested in the "holes" is significant: as I pointed out repeatedly in the Lipstadt libel action in the British High Court in January 2000, if they can't find any holes in the roof of the big Crematorium II at Birkenau ("Auschwitz II") that proves that the "eye-witnesses" were lying. So far, the Holocaust scholars have not dared to scrape off the three inches of gravel to have a look. (Allegedly, the SS officers poured in the Zyklon B poison crystals through those "four holes".) But the holes -- size: 27cm square -- aren't there... beneath the slabWe know: have a look at these two photographs taken recently from beneath the reinforced-concrete roof slab. It is visibly intact. No holes. Even Professor Robert Jan Van Pelt, Lipstadt's own defence witness, confirmed: there are no holes in that roof slab.

Incidentally, it does not surprise us that Hoffmann has recommended this website to others. From independent sources we learn that none other than Judge Charles Gray has recommended it in writing to inquirers.


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