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Art Kleps makes a "modest proposal" from New York, August 22, 1998:


BEFORE THE great war on "terrorism" just announced in Washington escalates any further and results in serious civilian casualties in America, it would be worthwhile to see if a relatively minor sacrifice would do the job.

Deaths numbering in the millions might be avoided if the U.S. ceded the City of New York to the U.N. and the U.N. installed Osama Bin Laden as Procurator of New York. Bin Laden could then bring in Hezbollah troops to police the city and punish any war criminals they found there according to Islamic law.

This might result in a few injustices here and there but you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. After all, the shadow of the axe would only fall on only one of the many ethnic groups in New York City, and those who found their heads on the block could take pride in the reflection that their momentary discomfort was saving millions of their fellow Americans in say, Omaha or Salt Lake City, from horrible deaths by anthrax or God knows what.

I think that if this proposal was placed before the American people, a vast majority would enthusiastically support it, possibly even after the threat of war had passed.

Art Kleps
New York

 D[Tomaahawak missile]avid Irving notes:

 IF CRUISE-missile launchings (or cowardly "Doodlebug"-attacks, as they were known in my WW.II youth in England) are the approved mode of retaliation for terrorist insults, can we now expect Tony Blair to launch RAF Strike Command, with Bill Clinton's approval, at Dublin or other parts of the Irish Republic -- for example, the local branch of Boots or Timothy Whites & Taylors -- in retaliation for the butchery of Omagh?




[Photo: US Navy]

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