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John P. Kyle writes on November 21, 1998:-

Churchill (senior)I just started reading Carlos Thompson's The Assassination of Winston Churchill in which he features you rather prominently. I haven't read enough yet to have formed definitive opinions, but I will be interested in yours after having finished the book.

 David Irving notes:

AFTER I published ACCIDENT. THE DEATH OF GENERAL SIKORSKI (London, 1968), my account of the mysterious death of Polish prime minister Wladislaw Sikorski in a Gibraltar plane crash (July 4, 1943), the late British prime minister's family, especially his grandson the adulterer Winston Churchill Jr., were outraged at me, and hired the Argentinian-born actor Carlos Thompson to ruin my reputation with this book.

The Thompson book is packed with demonstrable and deliberate lies, e.g., the allegation that I tape-recorded actor Anthony Quayle (1943: adjutant to the Governor of Gibraltar) with a hidden tape recorder; this is exposed as a lie by the tape's opening words, in which I asked Quayle for permission to tape the interview! I issued a High Court writ against Thompson, but was unable to continue to finance the action after losing the first round in the PQ.17 Libel action. Thompson, the deranged husband of famous Viennese born former filmstar Lili Palmer, later turned up at my front door in London brandishing a gun, warning that the Mossad was after me, and flashing a Mossad badge. . .

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