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Henrik Larsen writes from Denmark, Wednesday, February 7, 2007, on the Ramsay diary



Transcribing history

THANK you for your transcription of Admiral Sir Bertram Home Ramsay's Diary (pdf).

It was very interesting for a 'history buff' like me. It is a great initiative and really shows one of the forces of the internet.

Yours sincerely

Henrik Larsen


PS: I have during your prison stay in Austria been defending you on wikipedia and tried to make your file there more balanced and less hysterical and one-sided. This shows the downside of Wikipedia, i.e. that everybody can write what they like; but for simple facts, i.e. names, events and places, it is a good ressource to have at hand.

Wikipedia's current entry on David Irving
Our transcription of Admiral Sir Bertram Home Ramsay's Diary


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