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Lauren writes from the United States, Tuesday, March 23, 1999

Hi, my name is Lauren. I am doing a report for English class and I need to know how many people Hitler is responsible for killing. I can't seem to find that answer in your text. If you know that answer I'd be delighted to know! Thank-you. Lauren



 David Irving notes:

 ... I will give you a partial answer, concerning only the number of people killed during the German campaign in Russia (1941-1945). Have a look at the attachment, a document from British archives and follow the links to other documents.

In fact there is also another short answer: with his own hands, Hitler killed nobody (while Churchill certainly killed people in India); Churchill (Dresden!), Hitler, Roosevelt, Stalin, and Truman (Hiroshima!) were no slouches when it came to killing.

Let me know if I can help you any more.

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