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Robert Lause writes December 14, 1998:

Dear Mr Irving,

In your opinion was there ever a "death" camp at Treblinka. I have just looked at John Ball's "Air Photo Evidence" which does not show the alleged camp buildings drawn on a plan at the 1965 West German trials by a 'survivor'. If there wasn't a camp, what was Franz Stangl's involvement with the camp?

Also what happened at Babi Yar? Were 30.000 Jews shot there by the Germans or was it actually Ukrainian civilians shot by the NKVD as has been claimed by some?

Robert Lause

 David Irving notes:

 I invite answers from experts. As you may be aware I am conducting litigation in the UK against Deborah Lipstadt, which has two consequences:-

  • my time is under the most severe pressure!
  • I have to be aware that my Website is under closest scrutiny by the enemies of free speech for the purpose of blackening my name when the trial begins.

Normally, I provide the fullest answers to questions, and I hope you will bear with me until this particular ordeal is over. . .

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