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November 11, 1998

LIKE the daughter of the commandant of Auschwitz Rudolf Höss, B., the daughter of his successor Arthur Liebehenschel now lives in the western United States. Liebehenschel was hanged by the Poles for war crimes.

B. was only one year old when the war ended, but is in close touch with her mother Anneliese (who was private secretary to Glücks, overall chief of the concentration camp system) and sister, who both still live in Germany. In September 1998, B. visited Auschwitz, and she wrote us this letter on November 11, 1998:

Can you tell me if the crematorium that I saw at Auschwitz I (main camp) was ever used at this camp? Even Anneliese said, "those were not there", when she saw the pictures I took of the inside and outside. The originals at Birkenau were destroyed before the evacuation of the camp, were they not?

I am busy working on my book, and yes, I took pictures at Auschwitz.

Sincerely, B.

 David Irving replies:

  AS YOU KNOW, I have never been to Auschwitz, and now the authorities there have formally banned me from setting foot in their archives. I wonder what they're trying to hide!

Auschwitz I, the Stammlager, has undergone a monstrous face-lift since 1945, with many edifices erected there since the war. A crematorium with a chimney which is not attached to the building -- a dummy! -- is one example. The "gas chamber" shown to tourists is another, as phoney as the magic castle at Orlando and Anaheim. That is why your mother Anneliese Liebehenschel did not remember them. They were erected by the Poles in 1948, as they now admit. More women died on the back seat of Edward Kennedy's car at Chappaquiddick than were murdered in that "chamber". It is a scandal, but anybody who breathes a word about the fraud out loud is persecuted, fined, and (in Germany, which doesn't have a wonderful human rights record so far this millennium) imprisoned.

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