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John Dietrich writes, on Saturday, December 25, 1999


Facts on The Prof.

I am doing a report on the Second Quebec Conference and would like some information on Friedrich Lindemann (Lord Cherwell). I have been unable to find anything except the fact that his father was German. I am curious about his animosity toward everything German. I would appreciate any assistance you could offer. Thank you.

John Dietrich

 David Irving replies:

 Friedrich Lindemann, the later Lord Cherwell (right) Cherwellwas born in the Alsace -- in Metz I think. There is an excellent book on him called The Prof, by Roy Harrod; this fine book was my introduction to him. On the Second Quebec Conference you will find that the British government have now released recently a lot of previously secret files: Public Record office file PRO CAB.126/183 Hyde Park memorandum [on the atomic-bomb agreement], Sept 1944, Mar 25, 1945 - February 17, 1947, and files before and after that; their website is now machine searcheable (you should reach it at http://catalogue.pro.gov.uk/ ). Have a look too at my introduction to the Morgenthau Plan, which evolved at that conference (I published a book on that, but only in German).

Although many of his critics thought that he was of Jewish origin, almost certainly he was not. Lord Cherwell is one of the people I would most have liked to meet. But he died many years ago

Illustration from David Irving, Churchill’s War, vol. ii (Focal Point, London, 2001).

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