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Alan B. Lloyd writes from Helena,Montana, Sunday, July 16, 2000



Lowdown on the late Jan Karski


ON Karski, I suspect that you've read this before, but have decided to forward it anyway just in case you haven't seen it:

(From Bradley Smith's CODOH "Scholars Humiliating Students"- Box 439016/P-111, San Diego, CA, USA 92143, http://www.codoh.com/occwrt/occhumil.html)

"The problem with Karski, and this is just for starters (believe me), is that his "eyewitness" report on the Belzec camp is demented fantasy. Competent Holocaust scholars avoid him like the plague. Raul Hilberg, author of The Destruction of the European Jews, and widely considered the dean of Holocaust scholars, agrees with the revisionists on this one. 'I would not put him [Karski] in a footnote,' Hilberg told the Jerusalem Post. Why would Hilberg dismiss [Michael] Berenbaum's "hero?" Let us count the ways. In his Story of a Secret State Karski wrote that he entered Belzec as a spy disguised in an Estonian uniform, that Estonians guarded the camp, that the inmates were Warsaw Ghetto Jews, and that he saw the camp prisoner population being removed on a train. Hilberg says it's all false! Hilberg is right -- and we know that's only the tip of the Karski iceberg. If Berenbaum wants a little background on Professor Emeritus Jan Karski, I'll be glad to supply it..."

Alan B. Lloyd

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