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Frank Lowe writes from North Carolina, June 8, 1998:

I AM at present working on a book on the Holocaust that could be as controversial as any David Irving has written. On page 463 of his original work, Hitler's War (1976), there is a reference to a typhus discovery in Warsaw in December of 1942. I am interested in knowing if Mr. Irving has any more material on the discovery by the Nazis. I am a big fan of his work and used it extensively in my work. 

Frank Lowe
Greensborough, N.C.

 David Irving notes:

  You will find more about the typhus epidemic on my Website under www.fpp.co.uk/Auschwitz/docs/PoliceDecodes.html. I have now also posted here a preview of the passage relating to Auschwitz, Poland, and the mysterious typhus epidemics, from my forthcoming Churchillıs War, vol. ii.

Resident expert Samuel Crowell comments on the above:

THE DOCUMENTARY sources you have cited here are very important, because up until now the only place I have seen this claim was in Jan Karski's Story of a Secret State, 1944, which contains the following passage on page 258 [Karski is discussing a Pole named Jan, who specializes in revenge]:

"To spread contagious diseases was Jan's favorite activity. He carried on his person an astonishing collection of every type of lethal agent. He had an attractive, specially constructed little box in which were housed lice that bore microbes, typhoid-bearing germs and others. I was so repelled by this notion that I forebore to gather more specific information. His methods, however, were well-known among us.

He would frequent bars, enter into conversation with German soldiers, and drink with them. Drinking was one of Jan's pleasures but he never let it interfere with his main objective. At the proper moment he would drop a louse bearing typhoid germs behind the collar of his German friend [sic! He means "typhus" -- the terms are frequently confused -SC]. He would drop germs into drinks. He, too, would introduce them to girls who had venereal diseases."

I am sure that you would agree that the above, without documentary support, sounds a little outlandish.

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