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Brian Manuel writes from Toronto, Canadam, on Sunday, July 2, 2000



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I HAVE been reading your books since I was eighteen (Now I am 42). The first of your books I read was Hitler's War and War Path. I may not agree with a lot of things you might have to say but you do give me "food for thought."

I also totally disagree with the censor laws and the banning of your books. All sides in a debate have the right to speak their point of view. That is the price you pay for a true democracy. When I heard about you book on Goebbels I was waiting with anticipation to read your point of view on him.

Then I was informed that your books were not allowed to be sold in Canada. That I must say "steamed me." Being disabled and on a disability pension I am unable to afford to purchase your books outside of Canada (Books here alone cost almost an arm and a leg -- mind you I only have one leg left).

My best friend is disabled also with MD and probably the oldest one in Canada if not North America with his form of MD.

Well, to get to my point: the other day I was whining to my girlfriend about how I would like to get my hands on your books, then I found out that I would be able to get them in PDF format on the Internet (greatest form of communication since Gutenberg). And also because of this format my best friend can also read them because he is unable to hold a book and turn its pages but he can operate a computer with a special touch pad. Thank you!!!

Brian Manuel


Hitler's War Hitler's War  A new fully updated Millennium Edition has been prepared for the printers and simultaneously uploaded to the Internet [June 15, 2000]. The book can be downloaded free in two parts as zipped Adobe PDF files (each 1.5 Mb)

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