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Hugh McInnish writes from Madison, Alabama, Saturday, October 23, 1999

TO what extent, if any, did Churchill mention the Holocaust in his WWII volumes? I know that the word itself didn't exist when he was writing, but how often, and in what depth, did he talk about the gas chambers and the genocide of the Jews?

Given the respect Churchill has as a chronicler of the war, the fact that he was at the center of everything happening at that time, and finally that the Holocaust was without question the most poignant fact of the era, I would expect his treatment to have been comprehensive. I have read some of his volumes, though not all, and I was not focused on the questions I have just asked.

Hugh McInnish

 David Irving replies:

 THE answer is, not once. His treatment of the whole Jewish question is rather odd, and Chaim Weizmann wrote to him after the war to lament this fact. The Anglo-Jewish community had provided him with substantial material resources in the 1930s, and Weizmann indicated that he considered Churchill's attitude to be poor recompense indeed. Churchill made no response to the letter (which I have from the Weizmann archives) so far as I know.

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