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Alan Moses writes from Tampa, Florida, July 26, 1998:

I HAD the pleasure to meet you last night (July 25) and speak with you so briefly about your banishment from my homeland Australia. I left before the question/answer session so I missed asking you for your newest webpage address.

I always enjoy when you come to Tampa. Even though many times you say people are put off by your accent, I always find it welcome. You deliver a very entertaining lesson, albeit brutally true. I guess I'm trying to just convey how much I do enjoy your talks, and value your position in spreading the truth.

I'd like to know if the webpage you mention that was filtered out from Sth FL educational buildings, is available to me?

Thanks again for coming to Tampa. More and more people are finding the truth thanks to your herculean efforts. I personally appreciate them very much. Thanks for your time.

Alan Moses

 David Irving notes:

 WE SHALL be challenging the Miami-Dade County, Florida, education commission on their Web censorship policies.

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