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Richard Murphy inquires about Mr Irving's contacts with Hitler's adjutants, Tuesday, June 11, 2002



What Von Below wrote

HITLER's Luftwaffe adjutant, Nicolaus von Below, has finally had his memoirs published in English ("At Hitler's Side", Greenhill/Stackpole Books, ISBN 1-85367-468-0) and opens with an interesting comment on Mr. Irving's "sources"; "My diaries were destroyed at the end of the war: some of them I placed in the fire myself; Hitler's naval adjutant Puttkamer was responsible for burning those at Obersalzberg; and as Allied troops advanced towards my in-laws' estate, my wife destroyed the remaining documents I kept there.(1)"

Footnote 1 reads:

"It is inexplicable why the British historian David Irving should assert in the Foreword to his book "Hitler and his Generals" (1975) that my diaries are "probably in Moscow".

Another statement by Irving astonishes me: I am supposed to have put at his disposal "unpublished contemporaneous manuscripts and letters" and "subsequently took the trouble-together with others-to read through many pages of the text based upon them". I do remember several visits by Irving, when I answered some questions; but the rest is untrue.-Author

Can we expect another law suit?

Regards from the Park,

Richard F Murphy


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David Irving replies:

THE alleged remark by the late Von Below is not new to me and I dealt with it recently. Go to http://www.fpp.co.uk/Letters/History/Wibber150402.html please revert to me if you need further assistance.

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