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 David Irving replies:

 I have today (12.12.98) forwarded your very concerned letter to the German ambassador here in London, with this accompanying letter:

Dear Herr Dr von Moltke, Your Excellency:

I suspect that your government is already well aware of the disquiet caused internationally by the Federal Republic's laws for the suppression of free speech, under whatever guise.

I received this evening the enclosed letter from an ordinary American, whom I do not know, which voices this considerable disquiet anew; for every such person who takes the trouble to write to me, there must be a hundred thousand who don't. Your country's image is suffering.

Dawana Jo Murphy writes from Arizona, December 7, 1998:

Dear Mr. Irving:

Presently, I am pursuing information on WWII. I am a free lance writer, but the information, that I seek, is for personal use.

A friend has recommended your books to me as another viewpoint on the war. I have started to read your book "Hitler's War". However, I overheard a comment in regards to your work that has somewhat confused me. It was a vague reference that would indicate you are not welcome in Germany due to your viewpoints stated in your books.

If you see some meaning in this, could you explain it to me? Does Germany ban books of other points of view on the war? If not, are your books so controversial, that it is, perhaps, unsafe for you there?

I am not well-versed in the laws of Germany, so I don't know if they have "free speech" in the context that I am familiar with in the U.S.A. If they don't, are your books then creating a legal problem for you, which hinder your visits to Germany.

I tend to think, that the comment was simply a remark, that was an over exaggeration. However, I would like to have a dialogue with some friends in Germany about the war, but I felt I should inquire about the consequences in Germany regarding such a conversation.

I am sure this letter appears somewhat abrupt. However, I have a feeling, that this letter is my best avenue for a quick and accurate explanation on the subject. I hope you can help me, and, certainly, I will appreciate any response, that you have time to give!

Thank you,

Dawana Jo Murphy
P.O. BOX 146
Portal, Arizona 85632

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