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Daniel Mycyk writes from the Elizabeth Cowan University, Australia, Thursday, November 25, 1999


Auschwitz gas chambers

From: Daniel Mycyk

YOU are an imbecile, Irving, to say the least, suggesting that the gas chambers are a post-war fake build by the Poles. What kind of an idiot would came with such a shit theory? Try to tell this to my or other Poles' families who lost their people in those "fake" chambers.

As a Polish person I wouldn't like to spit on you. You are a fake professor. You British forgot to fulfil your duty signed in a treaty and help Poland in 1939.

Another British prick W.Churchill sold Poland to Soviets in Yalta in 1943. I am a victim of communism that resulted from it. I had to leave my country. Now you have been pushing ideas that German attrocieties were not that bad.

What do you think of Russian extermination of Poles? Gulags, Khazahstan, Katyn, etc. Did not happened either? Perhaps Auschwitz and other places were the first weight lost programs, something like Jenny Craig.

I wish that one of these chambers were reactivated for jerks like yourself. You need a psychiatrist badly. I am glad that Australian government refused you entry couple of years ago. You are a vermin.

Daniel Mycyk

 David Irving replied:

 LET'S see if your address works. Usually illiterate hate-mail writers use fake email addresses, they are such cowards.

2. The Polish authorities themselves now admit that I am right. They built what they have been showing the tourists themselves, in 1948. Any comments?

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