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Mr D Craigie reports from Australia on Sunday, December 8, 2002




Those pesky "deniers" have seized the high ground

YOU might be interested in the following rather humorous Q&A segment at the end of lecture 4 entitled "Trust and Transparency" of the 2002 Reith lectures that I found.

[Sue] LAWLEY: You were telling me earlier about a young person who had explored on the internet and in fact come across an awful lot of dreadful falsehood. Would you care to follow that thought?

O'NEILL: That is a difficult story. This teenager in New York City was set to write an essay on the Holocaust and told to use the web for his research. And (he) reached, unfortunately, websites with the literature of the Holocaust-deniers on them, and wrote his essay, well-researched, citing many websites, on that basis. At present, that's unavoidable. We may hope that we do get a more adequate system of ranking websites or portals, or rating them. But even a young person who's jolly good at surfing may at present come across amazing amounts of misinformation and dis-information, sometimes of a pretty serious sort.



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Irving David Irving replies:


YUP, they're just going to have find some way of installing Mind Control filters on the search engines. Only people with special licences to think will be granted permission to look outside the area blocked off by the filters. Otherwise youngsters with inquisitive minds are going to keep stumbling across us, the Real History writers. The conformists are such a lazy, self-satisfied bunch that they haven't bothered to set up websites of their own.

I wonder incidentally what the august, fearsome, and in every way admirable Lord Reith, first chairman of the BBC, would make, were he still alive, of its present incarnation, in which one-third of all presenters are now the obligatory Black, with their hair braided into corn-rows and speaking a no less twisted mixture of Ebonic and Cockney or Sarf London, with blithe disregard for all the rules of grammar.

Having triumphed in capturing the low ground, the BBC is grimly holding out in the labyrinths down below, displaying a blind fortitude that would have impressed General Moscardo, defender of the Alcazár at Toledo in the Spanish civil war.

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