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Warren Peterson writes on Tuesday, October 23, 2001


Good reasons why Shanksville tapes not released

ABOUT a month ago I e-mailed you about my skepticism involving any shoot down of Flight 93. There are some details associated with cockpit voice recorders (CVR) and tower tapes which might help you not go down the conspiracy road.

I have taken the Federal Aviation Administration's basic crash investigation course and one very important detail is overlooked by the media and law enforcement.

The CVR tapes are not to be released to the public and are only for crash investigation purposes, it's the law. When people hear a tape on the news reports it is not the CVR, they are hearing the tower tapes -- the conversations between Air Traffic Control and the crew on the aircraft.

The media is obsessed with airplane accidents and show their ignorance whenever these events happen. When you hear an "I love you mom" while the plane is going down on the television, it is the tower tapes, which are not protected by law, that you are hearing.

My guess is that the FBI clown is not even aware of this and is using his law enforcement training when he says they are not going to be released because of an ongoing investigation.

They are not to be released, period!

Warren Peterson

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David Irving answers:

YOU may be right, but I want it properly investigated. The speed-of-reaction element did surprise me too, but U.S. Air Force units are good. I was only puzzled that they had units airborne, with properly activated air to air missiles ready, in that space of time; but even the Government admits that they did, so . . . Have a look at this other website and tell me what you think:

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