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W. Piel writes from the United States on Friday, October 18, 2002



More than one Israeli died in Sept.11 attacks

YOUR web page incorrectly claims that only one Israeli died in 9/11. In fact there were five altogether, three of which were in the WTC (see The Jerusalem Post, September 12, 2002).

Leon Lebor carried dual citizenship, and so is also listed among the sixty-four Britons who perished. While the Israeli number would seem to be low, it is comparable to losses from European countries of similar population size.

Ed Toner would seem to suggest that 3,999 Israelis were warned to stay home. I think the burden is on him to explain how 3,999 Israelis were able to keep this a secret.

W. Piel

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Irving David Irving replies:

A SOUND point; I also made the dual-citizenship point very early on and in September this year. But the death of three Israelis in a building complex of such high Jewish profile as the World Trade Center still seems to me to be disproportionately low. It is one-tenth of one percent of the total death toll in those buildings.


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