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The illustration is by Walter Frentz, from David Irving: Churchill’s War, vol. ii

and Hitler's War


Michael F Poellot of California writes on Monday, September 24, 2001



I like the website

A GOOD friend of mine from Manchester, England and I were discussing WWII history and events while having some beers together in a local bar in Orange County, CA. DoenitzThe topic was U-Boat operations and the role of Grand Admiral Doenitz (right) as "BdU" and successor of Hitler.

Your name was coming up since I have some of your books in my personal library.

My friend informed me that you are running a web site which I visited the same evening. Well, you made me come back to your site every day not only to obtain information about history but also to read your diaries.

Please register me so that I can can receive your "action reports."

Best regards from a German citizen born in Munich,

Michael F Poellot, MBA and DBA

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