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Carlos Porter writes from Belgium, Friday, June 14, 2002



"Gregory Douglas" is polluting the wellsprings of history

"DOUGLAS" seems to find his way into everything. I recently saw him quoted in an absolutely excellent, brilliant book called Kriegsursache Kriegsschuld, by Dr. Helmut Schröcke, of Viöl, Friesland.

The book is so good I read it four times and tried to get it translated into English. That is my only criticism of the book. The author is a scientist, 81 years old, a geologist and chemist of some sort. But quoting "Douglas" makes him look a bit of a fool.

Carlos Porter

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Irving David Irving replies:

 Schröcke is not alone in this. "Professor" Werner Maser also quotes "Gregroy Douglas" in his latest book on Herman Göring. (But then many years ago Maser also "found" Adolf Hitler's son living in France, I recall.)

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