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Robert E Reis writes from the United States, Friday, March 19, 1998

Dear Mr Irving,
In Zündel trial testimony, I read that Himmler's diaries were in Israel. Is this so? What is the story . . . ?

Robert E Reis


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David Irving replies:

. . . LONG!

HERE'S the short version. They were auctioned at New York, in the 1970s. An Englishmen in the mid West bought them, an officer of the NY Israeli consulate offered to collect them from the auction house and deliver them to him. He never did. Man and diaries resurfaced in Israel. He donated them to Tel Aviv University, who held them for a year, then learned they were "hot" and returned them to him. Nothing more has been seen of them. The diaries of Gudrun Himmler are also there. I believe Stern magazine had copies, several years ago, but Stern has gone off publishing Nazi diaries for some reason. In 1983 Judith Moses of ABC Television News, New York, came here and told me the whole story; she had been on the trail, and done a television item on it--but it was never broadcast.

I DONATED colour copies of Himmler's pocket diaries for 1935 and 1939 to the Bundesarchiv (German Federal Archives) at Koblenz; after the German ministry of the interior ordered me excluded from the archives in the "national interest" on July 1, 1993, I sealed my entire Irving Collection there, however, and demanded its return.

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