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Terry Rumble writes from Australia, July 3, 1998

  1. A short note to enquire as to when Hitler's War [reprint] will become available.
  2. In your combined volume of Hitler's War the caption below Hans-Ulrich Rudel's photo reads that he was a Fighter Pilot. From my vague recollection his main claim to fame was as a Stuka pilot, destroying an impressive number of enemy tanks.

Terry Rumble

 David Irving notes:

 Quite right, aStuka pilot on the eastern front; and we shall correct any future edition of Hitler's War, which we hope to bring out in a reprint later this year. For the new, improved index already prepared see this Website.

William Linz writes from Sydney, Australia, September 20:

THAT "Rudel" was a Stuka pilot is only partly right. In the beginning he was a Stukapilot in Russia. But in the last days of the War he was a Fighter pilot. Since he had only one leg at that time, he had a special Fighter constructed which had a 4.7 cm cannon to crack the otherwise hard-to-penetrate Stalin tank: the easiest way was from the Air. Which he did quite succesfully.

The last time I saw him was over the streets of Budapest.

Bill Linz Sydney Australia

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