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Harold Schaffer of Los Angeles, USA, has problems with the truthfulness of a Drew University website on gas chamber photos



How Drew University Students are Lied to . . .

CURRENTLY I was on a forum discussion concerning gas chambers, when a lady sent me a url from Drew University on holocaust studies. The address is http://www.depts.drew edu/chs/wgallery1/wgallery1.htm. In this gallery it says

"Flossenburg KZ also had a working gas chamber."

Well of course doing my own research along with the help of my father we went to our yahoo search engine and simply typed in "Flossenburg". The search findings were amazing. What came up was pictures on display at Oregon State university,infact they had the same picture that was on display at Drew.Except the one at Oregon state is the orginal on display from military photos taken in1945

Simply download the picture and check the photo tag discription from the U.S. military in 1945. Nowhere does it say this is a "gas chamber". But it does say that this is a delousing chamber/shower room.

Drew University, whose co-directors are Ann Saltzman and Jaqueline Berke, have listed this room as a gas-chamber when in fact it is not. Also see the photo at

This is just one more way the "holocaust industry" distorts the truth.

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