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Linda Siegrist of New Jersey, USA, writes Sunday, January 13, 2001



Mr grandmother dated Erwin Rommel

RommelI WAS told that my grandmother was courted by Erwin Rommel when she was in her teens. He was a young soldier and they cared very much for each other. Her name was Clara Louise Kiefer and she was born in Coblenz and lived in Chemnitz. Her sister was married to a Postmaster of a large city. Her name was Susan Gross. She had a large house with a ballroom and would have elaborate parties to which she would invite Erwin to dance with my grandmother.

My grandmother left Germany and moved to the US about 1912-1915. She married Paul Herman Enzman . . . had 7 children including my mother, Clara. During WWII my mother's brother was accused of being a Nazi sympathizer and my mother's family was investigated. My grandmother died in 1943 . . . she suddenly dropped dead from unknown causes. Some say it was a heart attack.

My mother said that her mother often remarked how much she had cared for Erwin and what a fine and wonderful person he was.

Linda Siegrist

Rommel bookDAVID IRVING writes:

that is a lovely letter; I take it you are in the USA? If you'll give me a mail address I will send you as a gift a softcover copy (the only kind remaining) of my Rommel biography The Trail of the Fox.* Perhaps you can pinpoint your grandmother in it!


* E P Dutton Inc., NY, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London [Reviews] It is our intention to post this book on the website later in 2001 as a free download.

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