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KenThornton writes from Seattle, Washington, June 29, 1998:

I HAPPENED to be in Pullman, Washington, the Monday evening [April 13, 1998] that you gave your presentation to WSU students. And although I am no longer a student, I was fortunate enough to have attended. And I am glad I did. Your command of details regarding the Real History of World War II was staggering. Your arguments were sound, methodology air-tight, and your opposition confused.

You can count me as among the many thousands you have converted to revisionism. I think you have a world-historical role to play in exposing the role that the Traditional Enemies of Free Speech have played in undermining liberty both here and abroad. I would appreciate periodic updates on your work, and would be glad to support you further if the means become available to me.

I sincerely hope that this is not your last tour in the United States. You stood tall in the face of the militantly ignorant (they even had the "chutzpa" to turn their backs on you) and not only maintained your dignity, but invited them to engage you in spirited exchange. Of course they refused. I congratulate you on your work and am eager to meet you again on your next trip to my country.

Ken Thornton

 David Irving notes:

 I have taken the liberty to put your name on the mailing list for my irregular (and scurrilous) newsletter Action Report.

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