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"I'M confused," A-level scholar Susan Toft of the UK heads her letter of Saturday, April 10, 1999:


Dear Mr. Irving:

I AM sorry to bother you but I am very confused. I having been reading a lot on the subject of The Final Solution and your name has cropped up many times especislly on the Internet.

They call you a holocaust denier. However, I have read some of your books (they are extremely good by the way) and I don't think you ever deny the holocaust. My favourite book of yours is the GOEBBELS. MASTERMIND OF THE THIRD REICH one.

Could you just clarify if you are or not a holocaust denier, because I have read some strange stuff on the Internet about you that strongly contrasts with your work.

Thankyou very much for your help. Please try to reply, because if you do I can mention this in my A-Level history coursework and do a few pages about you.  

Susan Toft

 David Irving replies: WELL, Susan

As you may be aware I am conducting litigation in the UK against Deborah Lipstadt, which has two consequences:-

(a) my time is under the most severe pressure! (b) I have to be aware that my Website is under closest scrutiny by the enemies of free speech for the purpose of blackening my name when the trial begins

Normally, I provide the fullest answers to questions, and I hope you will bear with me until this particular ordeal is over. . .

However I can point you to a few spots on my Website which will provide you with food for thought.

First, go to my dossier on Auschwitz: you'll find I answer one correspondent briefly [on this subject]; and also read my letter to Professor Robert van Pelt and the Bruns interrogation reports which are pure gold (i.e , unadulterated source material).

If you've an hour free, download my dossier on the Lipstadt libel action (use the pulldown menu to go to the Legal Battles and navigate from there), and read (a) her Defence and (b) my Reply.

When you've done all that, phone me to ask any questions (you might wish to ask your teacher's permission first). All the best with your A-levels ... and thank you for having an inquiring mind. One tip: give both sides of the argument, not just one.

 © Focal Point 1999 David Irving