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Edward R. Tryon , a schoolteacher of Sioux City, Iowa, USA, writes about problems he has with his school computers



My school computer won't let me access your website

JUST found your web page on my home computer. I am an American school teacher and your site is blocked on school computers although access to the ADL and a number of other "Anti-Irving sites" seem to be accessible.

Found a copy of "Hitlers War" in the local library and was so impressed that I have been trying to find a copy. Glad to see you are planning to reprint it. Will autographed copies be available?

Edward R. Tryon


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David Irving replies:

VARIOUS government- or state-funded schools and colleges are required by law to install anti-pornography filters on their computers. These filters, with neutral names like Cyberpatrol and Surfwatch, have been helpfully designed in conjunction with the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), a New York based multimillion dollar Jewish body. Yes you've guessed it: the ADL secretly installed filters into these software packages which block access to websites which the ADL disapprove of; in some cases the software actually furtively switches students who are attempting to access this website to "ADL-approved" websites, like the ADL-front and ADL-funded Nizkor website. The US Army has installed similar software on its computers. Officers and men trying to access this website during the 1999 Balkan war, received a splash screen warning them that the FPP website had been deemed to be " non mission-related" and that all further attempts by that user to access the website were being "monitored and logged".

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