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Cary Fukunaga asks on Sunday, February 9, 2003 for information on how Stalin's son died

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Death of Stalin's son in Nazi prison camp

I AM researching a dissertation. I would like to ask Mr. David Irving about his knowledge on Yakov Stalin. What documents has he seen at the State Dept., what are their numbers, etc. and if it is at all based on Milan Kundera's novel?

Cary Fukunaga


Stalin's grandson blames Jews for Russia's economic problems
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Irving David Irving replies:

MANY years ago Dr Kogan, chief historian at the State Department, showed me their secret file of captured German documents on Yakov Stalin. This showed that Yakov had been beaten to death in a German P/W camp by British fellow prisoners, who taunted him because of his callow eating habits. For reasons of diplomacy the file was kept closed. I don't know where it is now. I know nothing of Milan Kundera.
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