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Bjorn Hanssen writes from Norway with further points about Albert Speer



Points on Albert Speer (3)

I refer to the letter from Mr. Athol Murray.

1) Rønneberg and Rönneberg is pronounced the same way in Norwegian. Sweden (and Germany) writes Ö, while Denmark and Norway writes Ø. The pronunciation is nevertheless the same. Take a look a short introduction to the Norwegian alphabet and an introduction to Swedish pronunciation.

2) You will find little condemnation of Finland's alliance with Germany during World War II today in Scandinavia, because of the danger the Soviet Union then presented to Finland. To quote: "The public opinion in Finland was accepting that the plan that Finland should take the territories lost on peace of 13th March 1940 back. Also the complete destruction of the centuries old enemy was hoped. The Soviet government felt uneasy with Finnish neutrality and decided to take action herself. The Red Airforce bombed several Finnish towns with SB-2 bombers on 25 June 1941. " You will find an informative website about the Finnish Winter War (leading up to the Continuation War with the Soviet Union). You will also find information about the Swedish volunteers in the Second World War at Swedish Volunteers in Finland 1939-1944.

3) The Swedish title of Albert Speer's memoirs is not "Albert Speer och sanningen". This is the title of the Swedish translation of Gitta Sereny's book "Albert Speer: His Battle With Truth".

Bjorn Hanssen


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