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Helga A of Germany is disquieted about the treatment of Germany's war dead by her own government, Sunday, January 26, 2003

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Buried secrets of the Rhine meadows

HOW much do you know about the American camp for German prisoners of war in the "Rheinwiesen"? It was opened in April 1945 but that's about all I know. Most prisoners died there before they ever got interviewed. I vaguely remember seeing it some place on a web site but cannot find it. Can you possibly give me an address hint?

A year or so ago I read some place that the farmer who owns these Rheinwiesen is all the time finding human bones when he is plowing his fields and has been trying for some time to get some government help to get them buried in honour without luck. When he would not get any help from the government (I don't remember Land or Bund) he was instructed to cease his own attempts.

I find that upsetting -- that when Poles and Germans can reach an agreement to help each other to bury their war dead between Oder and Weichsel a German government not only does not help but interferes to prevent others giving soldiers who died on German soil an honourable grave.

I very much would appreciate if you could give me any info or hint where I can find it.

Helga A [address withheld at writer's request]


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Irving David Irving replies:

The expert on this is James Bacque, respected Canadian author of Other Losses, whom you can reach by email at jabacque@csolve.net


Reader Michael L. Reisch writes: Maria Greuttner and I have been in writing letters to the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgraberfursorge on exactly this topic for more than a year now. If she is interested she can get in touch with me by e-mail at or with Maria. Maria also has just opened a web site on this topic.

Another reader offers a link to a web page on Rheinwiesen

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